Who We Are

Our Beginning
In early 2008, many citizens of Washington County, Georgia, were surprised to learn a coal-fired power plant was proposed for construction in the beautiful woodlands and agricultural area of our rural community. The plant was announced as a project of Power4Georgians, a consortium of nine Electric Membership Cooperatives (EMC’s).

A few local citizens began to ask questions and one individual wrote a letter to the editor of the local paper. This letter led to a conversation with a reader, who then knocked on the door of another individual who was interested, who called someone else, and suddenly it was not just a single person with questions and concerns, and it was a group of committed citizens.

When the group held a meeting and invited others who shared their concerns, a roomful of people expressed some of the same fears about the impact of the proposed plant. It was from this group that the Fall-line Alliance for a Clean Environment was formed.  

Our Mission
Since its inception in the summer of 2008, the Fall-line Alliance for a Clean Environment (FACE) has been at the forefront of activity to investigate, educate, and advocate for a safe and clean environment for the Middle Georgia area, identified geographically as the Fall Line. 

Our work focuses on issues facing Georgians concerned about the environment the threat posed by coal-generated power. The plant will emit toxic pollutants such as, SO2, NOx, particulate matter, mercury and arsenic. It will impact our water supply by using up to 16 million gallons of water each day, and impact the aquifer and surface water by constructing a large landfill to store toxic coal ash.

Moving Forward
When these committed individuals came together in 2008, we knew we were looking down the track at a roaring locomotive coming our way. While others urged us to move out of the way, we knew we had to stop that soot-belching locomotive before it destroyed the future that lies further down the track for our families and our community.

Inspired by the words of Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” FACE continues to work for a cleaner, safer environment for our community and our world.

Will you please consider a gift this year to support the work of FACE in 2012? Your gift will allow us the ability to continue to educate and advocate for the community and engage our neighbors, friends and family in our future.



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