Plant Washington isn't a done deal and FACE, along with our partners, continues to work together to protect our community from the financial, health, and environmental risks this project will bring to Washington County and our neighbors downwind and downstream.

Make no mistake about it, there is work begin done every day to protect our community from Plant Washington. We need your help by joining FACE.  

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Who Profits? Who Pays?


Plant Washington isn't a done deal, but the more we learn about it, the easier it is to see it is a dirty deal.

Plant Washington is already impacting the wallets of Washington EMC owner-members. This project will only get more expensive for rate payers and local taxpayers.

It is easy to help stop Plant Washington. All you need to do is talk to your friends and neighbors.

If you get a bill from WEMC, you are an owner-member! The Board of Directors are supposed to listen to the owner-members. Call your representative, chair Mike McCoy, CEO Frank Askew, and CFO Wendy Selliers and tell them you don't support this expensive pointless project!

If you aren't an EMC customer but you are a Washington County taxpayer, tell your representative on the County Commissioners, chair Horace Daniel, and county administrator Chris Hutchings that Plant Washington will cost taxpayers money, suck up our water, and pollute our water and air.

Contact your WEMC Board members, CEO Frank Askew, CFO Wendy Sellers, and Chair Mike McCoy today. 

Mike McDonald, Dist 1.......706–465–9414

Jeff Lacksen, Dist 2...........706–444–7556

Joe Taylor, Dist 3.............478–452–7817

Billy Helton, Dist 4.............478-348-3078
Mildred Jackson, Dist 5.... 478–552–9438

Chair Mike McCoy, Dist 6...478–552–0895

Ken Vickers, Dist 7...........478–864–2459

Washington EMC office.......478.552.2577


Frank Askew, CEO

Chair Mike McCoy,

Wendy Sellers, CFO

Contact the Washington County Commissioners by calling 478.552.2325



Carl Sagan

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Prefer to send a check? Mail to:

P.O. Box 591
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