GreenLaw and Altamaha partner to protect Little Amazon
July 31, 2012

GreenLaw and the Altamaha Riverkeeper are hosting an event to protect the river and its wildlife on Sunday, August 26. The afternoon will include readings by Janisse Ray, james Holland, and food by Hugh Acheson of Athens' Five and Ten. Tickets and event information are here.

Ogeechee Riverkeeper honors FACE Executive Director as 2012 Big Cypress Volunteer
June 23, 2012

The Ogeechee Riverkeeper’s (ORK) Annual Meeting included updates on the two fish kills which have impacted the health of the river, the legal battle to protect the river from pollution and illegal discharge, and how proposed coal-fired Plant Washington will deplete local water resources. Dianna Wedincamp, who has worked as the Riverkeeper since the spring of last year, was pleased to announce that Paddle Georgia, which brings 350-400 canoe and kayak enthusiasts together on one of the state’s rivers for a week, will be held on the Ogeechee next year.

The Board of Directors honored Katherine Helms Cummings as their Big Cyprus Volunteer this year. Emily Markesteyn, the Executive Director of ORK, said this about Ms. Cummings’ work as the Executive Director of the Fall-line Alliance for a Clean Environment (FACE) and her work with the Riverkeeper, “While running a grassroots organization of her own, Katherine has taken the time to attend numerous public meetings about issues in the Ogeechee watershed and provide thoughtful, steadfast public comments and letters to local newspapers in the river basin. FACE and Ogeechee Riverkeeper have worked hand-in-hand in stopping this plant and others from polluting the air and water in Georgia.”

As Ms. Markesteyn, Ms. Wedincamp, and ORK President Ann Hartzell presented Ms. Cummings with a print of the Ogeechee near Coleman Lake and a hand carved Large Mouth Bass, Markesteyn said,  “Katherine has made a positive impact on the Ogeechee River, the health of Gerogia’s citizens, and the state’s environment. We are proud to honor her work with us as our Big Cypress Volunteer this year.”